Adrian Veideman

Adrian Veideman

Broker Associate

It’s been quite the journey to get where I am today. If you were to tell an 8 year old kid from Sicamous B.C. that he would be able to play NCAA hockey and obtain a business degree from one of the most prestigious Universities in the United States and go on to play 9 years professionally in North America and Europe. I would tell him every single time that anything is possible if you want it badly enough.

It is hard to believe that my life has taken me to where I am today, but if it’s any indication as to where it is headed as I transition out of my playing career and into my new challenge with RE/MAX Professionals I should be in for a wild and exciting ride!

The skills that the game taught me are invaluable when I think of them in relevance in my new career.

Perseverance – If you asked any athlete to describe how his or her transferable skills relate to “the real world” he or she will without a doubt tell you about the amount of adversity they have overcome. For me it was always “your too small”, “your too slow”. At first it is very difficult to hear these things from people, but as I continually heard these things growing up and into my adulthood, it made me a much stronger person and it gave me that extra drive to succeed.

Attention to Detail – Performing a task whether it be washing the dishes or running a power play during a game takes a great deal of concentration and focus in order to achieve your goal. I learned at a very young age that its always the details that matter and that it’s those details that make the difference between success and failure. I pride myself in these details and I know that a quality product or service will always come out on top. People embrace the knowledge of detail whether they know it or not, and my intent is to implement this into my business each and every day.

Preparation – The difference between an average athlete and a great athlete has always been his or her ability to prepare. The ability to prepare my mind through routines and training techniques will help ensure that I am focusing and operating at a peak level each and every day.

Preparation = Success

Accountability – My hockey career gives me 20+ years experience in this skill. The ability for someone to adapt and learn from any situation in order to benefit those around you is my definition of accountability. I am a huge believer that integrity is a part of being accountable and ill never forget the day that one of my favorite coaches, Steve Miller, told me “integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody is watching”. This has stuck with me to this day and has been one of the foundation pieces of the way in which I live my life. On time every time, and don’t let anyone think that I am not giving them my best.

Success – Now this is not a skill, it is a byproduct of all of my hard work along the way. All of the winning teams I was a part of had to demonstrate all of the above transferable skills and traits. Success is addictive and if you know me on a personal level, you will know that it has molded me into a very humble and outgoing person. I am driven towards it and I will carry that into my new personal business with RE/MAX Professionals.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to my future posts.


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Adrian Veideman